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www.tubes.ro is specialized in trading vacuum tubes for use in aviation and marine navigation, radar as well as in broadcasting, amateur radio, Hi-Fi audio, meteorology, communication, medical applications and industry.



Russian vacuum tubes have a worldwide reputation for high reliability and uniqueness. A repairs facility is provided for all Russian vacuum tubes and for a wide range of equipment manufactured by other companies.
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All Russian tubes and parts satisfy Russian State Standard requirements. Russian State Standard regulates quality assurance,calibration of measurements, technical conditions of manufacture and operation.Their requirements are specified on the data sheet.Russian vacuum tubes have a worldwide reputation for beingextremely reliable and unique.
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All tubes are engineered and manufactured in Russia. Tube types include Broadcasting Tubes, CWT, Transmitting Tubes, Amateur Radio Tubes, Hi-Fi Audio Tubes, Industrial Tubes, Transmitting Pulse Tubes, Modulator Tubes, Modulator Pulse Tubes, Control Tubes, High-Voltage High-Vacuum Rectifier Tubes, Cathode Ray Tubes, Ceramic Tubes, Diodes, Display Tubes, Electron Tubes, Hydrogen Thyratrons, Ignitrons, Noise Source Tubes, Nuvistor Tubes, Pencil Tubes, Pentodes, Photodiodes, Readout Tubes, RF Amplifier Tubes, Receiving Tubes, Rectifiers, Vacuum Relays, Spark Gap Tubes, Subminiature Tubes, Surplus Tubes, Tetrodes, Thyratrons, Vacuum Capacitors, Vidicons, Voltage Reference Tubes, X-Ray Tubes, Glass Tubes.
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